In this post, you will find out how to learn Spanish fast and the easy way. Learning Spanish can seem daunting, but with a little bit of preparation and an organized approach, it is possible to learn the language quickly and effectively.

There are a number of resources that can be used to improve your Spanish language skills. One of the most important things you can do is to learn as many words and phrases as possible. There are a number of ways to do this, including using a Spanish learning app, reading Spanish language magazines or books, or watching Spanish language television programs.

Another important part of learning Spanish is practicing your language skills. There are a number of ways to do this, including speaking Spanish with a Spanish-speaking friend, taking Spanish language classes, or participating in Spanish language immersion programs.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, then you should also invest in an online Spanish learning program. Spanishpod101 course will provide you with detailed instructions and examples on how to properly use Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

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SpanishPod101 Absolute Beginner Course!

Do you want to learn and speak Spanish in the next three months? Then good news! We’re making our absolute beginner course free. For three months for a limited time only keep reading to find out how you can get access and how it’ll get you speaking and mastering real conversations.

Why are we giving it away? With everyone still at home and not being able to travel we wanted to help you spend this time productively. So if you always wanted to learn Spanish access our absolute beginner course for free right now.

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And if you’re wondering here’s how you’ll learn Spanish, you’ll absorb practical conversations in minutes with our quick 3 to 15-minute audio lessons. Just press play and listen to real Spanish everyday conversations. You’ll get every word and grammar rule explained by our teachers. You’ll immerse yourself in native speech without traveling abroad.

You’ll remember it all conversations are repeated several times and you’ll start speaking Spanish in minutes to help you learn even faster and boost your retention. You’ll also get powerful Spanish study tools like structured pathways.

  • Structured pathways that guide you from lesson one to two to three to the end.
  • New assessment quizzes 20 20 feature to test you and boost your memory.
  • Lesson notes so you can review the lesson with a quick glance.
  • Transcript so you can follow along and boost your Spanish reading and listening skills.
  • Voice recording tools so you can practice speaking Spanish.
  • And the dialogue tool is our secret weapon for mastering conversations in minutes.

You can also learn Spanish on any device; iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer. We’re making our absolute beginner Spanish course free for three months so that you can spend this time productively and get started on your dream of learning Spanish.

You also get our free 52-page e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Learning Language at home at your pace. Click here to get free access right now.

How To Learn Spanish in 12 months!

Do you want to learn Spanish in the new year? Are you looking for a way to learn Spanish fast? Well, what if you could learn a conversation in one quick lesson.

Just a few minutes long where teachers slow down and explain every word and grammar rule and get you speaking Spanish in minutes. If you can do that in one quick lesson imagine where you’ll be after 5 or 10 lessons. And how many languages you’ll be able to speak in the next 12 months?

Well, that’s how you learn Spanish with our program. And when you join our 12-month challenge, you’ll get up to 45 percent off, and will teach you the language in 12 months with bite-sized audio and video lessons by real teachers.

Spanishpod101-learn-Spanish-online-free Just press play on a lesson. Learn a new conversation and our teachers will get you speaking Spanish in minutes. You’ll get these conversations slowed down explained and translated so you understand everything.

You can immerse yourself in our conversation tracks. You can practice Spanish speaking and perfect your pronunciation. You can learn Spanish on any smartphone or computer anywhere even at home. You’ll get study tools like flashcards that help you master words and conversations faster. You can test and assess your Spanish skills with our brand-new assessment exercises.

You can even get your own teacher. And, you’ll unlock the inner circle through a monthly course giving you success strategies tips, and tools for mastering Spanish. So if you want to learn Spanish in the next 12 months get up to 45 percent off for 12 months, click here to access the Spanishpod101 program right now.

How to Learn Spanish Fast with Audio & Video Lessons

Do you feel like you don’t speak enough Spanish that you need to know more words? Then stick around with these lessons you’ll pick up some of the most common Spanish words in just a few minutes.

Now, this video is a small portion of our online Spanish learning program to get the full lessons translations and fluency fast study tools. You want to learn Spanish but it’s hard to find effective lessons that are made by real teachers and that actually build on top of each other. Where you’re learning new things and reviewing what you’ve already learned. Well, that’s exactly how our Spanish audio and video lessons inside our course work.

How to learn Spanish fast with audio and video lessons, four tricks inside.

In this guide you’ll discover;

  • 1) How to learn practical conversations in just minutes
  • 2) Four tips that’ll help you absorb the language and master lessons fast and
  • 3) how to get our brand new lessons for free

1) What makes these Spanish lessons so effective?

Each lesson is around 3 to 15 minutes in length. making it super easy to breeze through and absorb the Language. You’re not reading walls of text but listening to actual native speakers teach you Spanish. Just press play to start.

First, you hear a practical conversation. Then you hear it again slowly with translations. Then our teachers explain the Spanish vocabulary, grammar points, and cultural nuances.

Finally, you hear the Spanish conversation one last time. And at this point, you understand a lot more than you did the first time you heard the lesson which is exciting for a language learner. Especially when you didn’t understand anything before. And you can even start speaking Spanish if you repeat along. All of this takes just a few minutes.

Then mark the lesson as complete and move on to the next lesson in our learning pathway. Where you’ll learn even more Spanish and get to review some of the words and grammar points from prior lessons.

2) There are a few special tips and tricks you can do to master the Spanish lessons even faster.

You can read along with our free Spanish lesson transcript so that you can pick apart every word that you hear. You can immerse yourself with the premium dialogue track that gives you just the conversation with no translations.

If you have a question you can leave a comment on the lessons and our teachers will respond. And you can replay and review the lesson as much as you want. So you can learn Spanish online at your own pace.

3) How do you get access to the Spanish lessons?

You get the lessons the moment you sign up for a free lifetime account and set your level. Based on your level you’ll get a learning pathway of lessons that are right for you. Just start there with lesson one.

learn Spanish freeYou can also access your next lesson on the dashboard and you can learn on the go. For example on a walk on your way to work or while waiting in line at the store with our free app. And as an extra bonus, you get our newest lessons for free.

We release three to four new Spanish lessons a week, so you get new lessons every week non-stop. Find them inside the lessons drop-down menu in the newest lessons or inside the menu on the app.

But first, if you don’t yet have access to our online Spanish learning program, click here and sign up for your free lifetime account right now.

Remember here’s what you can do to learn all of these words by heart. Drill these words with our spaced repetition flashcards which will help cement these words into your long-term memory. Save them to the word bank of your personal Spanish vocabulary collection where you can print out your own study sheets.

Or review the words with our looped vocabulary slideshow and play it until you know all of the words. So click here right now and sign up for your free lifetime account to get these Spanish lessons and study tools.

How to Boost Your Spanish Vocabulary with the Audio Dictionary

Since you’re learning Spanish then you know just how frustrating it is to stop and look up new words every few minutes. You may feel like you spend more time shifting gears to look things up rather than learning Spanish or progressing.

Well if you’re learning Spanish with our lessons there is a pain-free way to look up and learn new words without sidelining your lessons.
How to boost Spanish vocabulary and look up new words fast?

And in this quick guide you’ll discover;

  1. How to access our audio dictionary for free
  2. How our users boost their vocabulary with this tool and
  3. How to save words so you can review them later.

1) What makes this feature so special?

Simple you learn new Spanish words easily along with their translations and audio pronunciations. So here’s how you take full advantage of the audio dictionary right now.

Find it in the vocabulary drop-down menu on the website. Or just hover over the search icon in the top menu. Then enter any word and search you can search in English or the target language.

You’ll get the Spanish word the translation and the transliteration to help you read it. The audio pronunciation and the slowed-down audio are also there so that you can hear how it’s spoken.

2) How do our users use the Spanish audio dictionary?

Many users rely on the dictionary while going through the lessons in our Spanish learning pathway. In every lesson, you’re bound to come across new words which is where the dictionary comes in.

Looking up Spanish words is super easy because you don’t have to leave the lesson or sideline your learning to go looking for a word. Just hover your mouse over the search icon look up the word and keep ongoing.

3) What if you want to save your words for future review?

If you’re a premium or premium plus member you can do just that. Simply select your desired entries by clicking the check box on the left. And then click on add selected words to my word bank. So take advantage of the Spanish audio dictionary right now. But if you don’t yet have access sign up for a free lifetime account right now.

Remember, here’s what you can do to learn all of these Spanish words by heart. Drill these words with our spaced repetition flashcards which will help cement these words into your long-term memory. Save them to the word bank of your personal vocabulary collection where you can print out your own study sheets.

Or review the words with our looped Spanish vocabulary slideshow and play it until you know all of the words. So, to sign up for your free lifetime account to get these lessons and study tools, click here.

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