In this post we are going to talk about Unlimited Spanish course‘s rule #3: how to learn Spanish deeply. The rule number 2 for learning Spanish is to not study or learn grammar rules for Spanish but use the point of view technique for it. There is a very common problem among Spanish students which is going to be discussed here. They have a very hard time remembering while they learn.  While it is common to learn something in Spanish and then forget everything after sometime, it is also very frustrating and hurting for your motivation too.

This can happen to anyone who is learning some other language with some wrong strategies. In language schools, they try to cover as much as it is possible for them. Students learn superficially this way and do not make up for what they actually learn. So you should know how to avoid this and learn Spanish deeply.

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A vital approach can be to learn Spanish by repetition which might seem simple but is very powerful indeed. For example, you have a story or podcast of about 20 to 30 minutes in Spanish preferably with text, it can help you a lot. Just listening to it once or twice is not enough so listen to it twice at least each day. Of course, you can decide it to be at the same time of after a break too. Listening to it is important even if you think you have already learned the words in it.

The repetitions will help you have new vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation etc. Your brain needs the repetitions and you can move on to different materials after one week. It can help you move from basic conversation to a good frequency level quite soon. The technique is also very famous among people who learn many languages.

how to learn Spanish deeplyThere are many other techniques prescribed by various people but unlike the many techniques that have been devised for learning Spanish the rule number 3 technique is probably the best and the most trusted one too. In this case, you can easily take up this technique or rule and do as much as repetitions as you want to have as much deep understanding of the language as you wish to acquire for it too.

The basic point is this that you need to have a proper channel or a proper system for learning it in the right way that helps you to understand it in the right sense. Once you have used a system to do this, your chances of being successful for deeper learning are improved. This is because this way you can learn to remember many things as well as aspects alongside for not only months or years but even forever too.

If you have the audio content in Spanish already then it is good to have a schedule for listening to the same content at least one week and more than once during each day. You will surely start noticing the difference yourself after sometime.

Hence, the rule number 3 is to learn Spanish deeply by learning it through repetition. The next rule for learning Spanish automatically as the rule number 4 is also available for you to enhance more in the next session of the course.

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