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Rocket Spanish has proved to be one of the best ways of learning Spanish online and offline. The best of it is that you Learn Spanish speaking. There is no secret behind the Rocket Spanish system. It works because the learning is done naturally.

You will not only learn how to speak a new language. You learn a new culture. It all will help to understand the general structure of Spanish and idioms. You will find yourself speaking like a native in no time. In this review, we will go through the key features that make Rocket Spanish the best alternative to learning Spanish online.

Chunk the Problem

The basic mindset for all courses and the general structure of the system comes from chunking the problem. It all comes from our natural learning capacity. You are only able to remember 5 to 9 things at a time. That is how learning works for most people.

That is the reason why lessons are kept within this boundary. You learn Spanish speaking because the amount of information on each lesson is the exact measure to get into your brain. This basic rule is combined with seven strategies we will talk about in the following section.

Strategically Learning with Rocket Spanish

Rocket SpanishNot just the lessons, but all the material within the Rocket Spanish system is in line with the seven strategies of learning Spanish online that Rocket Languages has developed to make it straightforward to speak and understand a new language fast.

A summary of the seven strategies of Rocket Spanish:

  1. Learning Spanish online anywhere, anytime.
    • Use the mobile app (compatible with Android and iOS).
    • Listen to the audio recordings.
  2. Learn the mechanics and Spanish culture.
    • There are dedicated lessons to teach you the culture.
    • The Rocket Spanish Survival Kit is another useful aid to get to know the basics of the culture.
  3. Reinforcement for learning Spanish online with a natural process:
    • Listen
    • Speak
    • Write
    • Learn
    • Plus intelligent tests to reinforce your learning.
  4. Learn Spanish speaking aloud:
    • Use Rocket Spanish to mimic native speakers and speak aloud.
    • Test your accuracy with the recording tool to sound like a native-Spanish speaker.
  5. After you’ve learned the basics, get some advanced learning techniques.
    • Use the flashcard set
    • Go deep into the advanced learning techniques package.
    • Use My Vocab to build up and enhance your vocabulary knowledge.
    • Rocket Spanish is constantly updating, so more content is about to come.
  6. A support network 24/7 of expert teachers and tech support to answer any doubt at any time.
    • Learning Spanish online is easier when you have a team to back you up.
  7. Keep motivation to continue learning.
    • To learn Spanish speaking is motivational. You will listen to your progress every day.
    • Rocket Spanish has some great tracking tools.
    • Get badges and leaderboard access as part of the Rocket Spanish Challenge yourself and challenge others.

Rocket Spanish Take a Tour Review

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What you don’t get from the Rocket Spanish system?

To set your expectations to a proper level, we want to address what you should expect. But it is easier to start from what you don’t get from the Rocket Spanish system. Take a look at this list:

  • Boring classes.
  • Tons of textbooks.
  • Photocopies of exercises.
  • Deep theoretical grammar knowledge.
  • Repetitive lessons.
  • Useless vocabulary.
  • Writing proficiency.

Apart from this, you’ll get everything you need to speak Spanish.

What you should expect from the Rocket Spanish system

You should expect only to learn Spanish online. Rocket Spanish is no rocket science. They’ve made it easy for you, structuring the system in such a way you just have to follow the path to learning a new language naturally. The list of what you get on with the Rocket Spanish system is:

  • Daily life vocabulary and idioms.
  • Effortless conversational skills.
  • Native-like pronunciation.

What you’ll get is proficient Spanish knowledge to have a mutual conversation in a real-life situation.

Rocket Spanish Structure

The lessons are set with two different approaches:

  1. Interactive Audio Lessons. They will give you comprehensive explanations on the language structure, with interaction from your side to have you talking in no time.
  2. Spanish Culture Lessons. The culture lessons will give you a broad knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries. You will learn local behaviors to avoid making some embarrassing mistakes. It is also a powerful aid to speak fluently.

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Rocket Spanish Complementary Content

Learning Spanish online with the Rocket Spanish system will give you access to other tools besides the lessons. There is a broad range of quick and easy tools to help you along the way and learn Spanish speaking.

You get to know the kind of things that are useful in daily life. For example, the Survival Kit has only the essential words in Spanish that will allow you to go to the bathroom and have some food or even medical attention in a speaking-Spanish country.

Other material includes:

  • Voice recognition phrases: it is a tool to assess your pronunciation. You learn by mimicking and instantly know how well you’ve done it. You’ll quickly notice your improvements using this tool.
  • Flashcards set: The digital counterpart to traditional vocabulary cards for learning Spanish online.
  • Advanced learning techniques: Tips and tricks to keep on learning.
  • Phrase Finder: A sort of dictionary to look up phrases that will show you contextual uses to get a better understanding.
  • My vocab: Use it to keep track of new words inside the platform and outside of it. You can add other words as you learn them.

 Rocket Spanish Course Download

Multiple Awards to Backup the System

The Rocket Language system has won many awards as the Best Educational Software. The awards include:

  • PC Mag Editors’ Choice of PCMag.
  • Winner of the 19th Annual Bessie Awards as the Best Educational Software, organized by the ComputED Garrette, Carlsbad, CA.
  • Published as a successful system by The New York Times and the Daily News, New York.

Testimonials are endless. If you don’t find this is enough to get involved in the Rocket Spanish system, get the free trial. That is the best way to see real results for you.

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Unlimited Spanish Course

By the way, if you want to learn Spanish fast and speak it fluently, you should listen to easy and interesting materials repeatedly. We highly recommend you to use Unlimited Spanish Course mini-stories. You will practice listening and speaking with these powerful listen & answer stories. To find out more about the course read this:

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  1. Mary

    That video was everything I needed to get me to try this. I now know exactly how the dashboard looks and I like it (the feel is nice and it looks fun to learn Spanish). And seeing as this has gotten a lot of awards, I’m sure it is worth it. Thanks!

    • maestra

      Hi Mary, thanks for sharing your comment with us. Rocket Spanish Premium course is really simple to use to learn Spanish. These awards indicate that its quality and good design as well as its powerful method.

  2. Kim N

    When I was in high school Spanish I thought learning the culture of the language was so stupid. But now as an adult I realize that it’s actually not only important when conversing with people of another culture, but also for understanding the language as whole. I like that Rocket Spanish includes this in the learning process, as most other online courses that are free do not.

    • maestra

      Hi Kim N, thanks for sharing your comments with us. Yes you are right. The language is life itself. The schools approach the Spanish language as just a lesson, many of students don’t speak Spanish fluently. If you look at Spanish as a culture and life, you can learn it faster and better.


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