Rocket Spanish course has 7 strategies to learn Spanish fast and speak it fluently. So we have published “The stategy #1 Make the BEST use of your limited time” last week. You can also find a free Rocket Spanish lesson to download in that post. Now, in this post we are going to talk about the strategy number 2 and 3.

Strategy #2. Understand how Spanish works…

A key factor that has been surprisingly “overlooked” by some “big name” companies is that you SHOULD know the how Spanish works for you to truly dominate Spanish.

Spanish, like other languages, has a completely diverse sentence structure compared to English, which means you need to have the structure clarified to you, it is not something that you can pick up in the air. That’s exactly why the Rocket Express Learning Organization has step by step, in-depth, instructions on how Spanish functions in English, likewise valuable cultural tips with Rocket Spanish Culture lessons and Language

With Rocket Spanish Culture lessons and Language, you will realize the workings of Spanish and access audio tracks of thousands of everyday Spanish phrases and words that go with the teachings.

Strategy #3. REINFORCE what you have learn so that it stays in you… forever…

How Spanish WorksIn some classroom situations, the learning that you do isn’t very efficient, largely because the pace of the learning is uttered by the teacher and the size of the class, not you…

Not considering the low volume of information that’s being retained. A research by a psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus from Germany revealed that in an hour, many individuals forget 50% of what they’ve learned and in 2 days it’s pretty much gone…

So, as a matter of fact, a major key to effectively learn Spanish is to remember as much as possible the things you’ve learnt. For the most part, being able to recall it when you’re under pressure to talk!

That’s where the Testing area of the Rocket Express Learning Pattern® comes in play. Rocket Spanish’s technically designed Testing process re-displays phrases and words that you’re weak on until they stick within your head like glue.

Each Rocket Spanish class has a variation of tests, with each test intended to enhance and reinforce your recall in a diverse way;

What is more, this all ties to your personalized progress tracking scheme, ensuring that you are on the path to mastery!

The Rocket Spanish Tests

Hear it Say it!

Test and improve your comprehension of spoken Spanish. Fantastic for learning Spanish,

Write it!

Test and improve your ability to type/write in Spanish, and at the same time reinforce the phrases, words, and sentence configurations, so they become acquainted to you…

Know it!

All the teaching in the world will not help you if someone talks to you in Spanish and your mind halts when it’s your turn to talk! That’s why we established Know it!; Rocket Spanish tool for placing you on the spot!

Play it!

With Rocket Spanish newest learning tool, Play it! You’re taking part in the real conversation from the Communicating Audio Course. Do not ever toss and turn distressing about trying to talk and having the incorrect words come out. Play it! trains you to put forward the right words at the right time!


Assess your knowledge of the Language lesson theories with Rocket Spanish multi-choice quiz. Click below link to view more details about Rocket Spanish course and download the full lessons to start to use them today.

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