If you want to learn Spanish vocabulary efficiently, you should use the right method. There is more to learning any language, including Spanish. It is about learning it effectively. Learning Spanish vocabulary is highly important in this case. In order to make the learning more effective, the vocabulary has to be acquired. This remains as the key process in learning any language. Once you are able to recognize more and more words in Spanish, it becomes easier to read, speak and write Spanish in a more fluent manner. There is science behind this theory. The fact is that the brain recognizes context. In fact, it looks forward to more and more context.

There are a number of ways to learn a language. A few of these are given here.

Making Lists to learn Spanish vocabulary

Here you can make a list of as many words as you possibly can in one column. Now you can have the second column with the meanings of these words in your own language. This is the method used by most people. But this is a method that simply does not work. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, the words in the list are weakly related to each other. These lists are simply too long. Next, a list like this is not providing any kind of context to your brain.

Learn Phrases

Henclearn Spanish vocabularye a better option here would be to learn phrases. This is because there can be a kind of context here for the brain. A phrase lets you imagine a situation. Hence your brain is getting context and you are able to relate the words with the situation making them easier to learn. This is a much better and a more effective approach due to a number of reasons.

This is a faster way of learning. This is because you learn several words at the same time since you are not learning a word but a phrase which is a collection of words.

You also learn about placing of words in a sentence. Hence along with the words, you are learning about proper placing of these words too. The verbs would be placed properly this way and you would be learning that too!

Learning Through Stories

This is an even better way as there is a lot happening in a story at the same time. Hence there is still more context for the brain. Thus it becomes easier to learn, understand, speak and write Spanish in a more fluent way. This is because the brain is learning Spanish through its subconscious.

In case there is any confusion about this, an example can be taken from any of the courses about teaching Spanish effectively. This is a story about two penguins who wish to escape from the zoo as they love surfing. Hence it is a highly effective strategy as it is a short story. There are small sentences. The translation is given in another column and the story is highly creative. This way the brain is getting a lot of context making it easier to learn Spanish effectively.

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