We have already talked about the Rocket Spanish course before. And we shared its strategies 1-2-3 at our blog page. Now we are going to talk about the Rocket Spanish speaking strategy number 4 & 5 to help you to figure out how the entire process of learning Spanish with this great course.

Success Tactic #4. Practice Spanish SOUNDING and SPEAKING like a native…

One of the trickeries that people who have understood another language insist on is to speak out loud every so often. This triggers key regions of your brain to further strengthen the innovative connections that’re being made as you study Spanish.

Now you can listen to the Rocket Spanish sample lesson here

Rocket Spanish SpeakingThere is a recording system so that you can record what you say which you hear and to compare with the original recording. Sounds Like You ARE a Natural Spanish Speaker With Rocket record!

The Rocket Express Education System has numerous features that prompt you to say Spanish out loud. One of the most inspiring and valuable is Rocket Record…

You will gain huge benefits of speaking out loud and also be capable of improving your accent and pronunciation with our voice acknowledgement tool, Rocket Record.

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Success Plan #5. Access the PROGRESSIVE Spanish learning methods…

Gone are those days of sitting in a class while Mrs X strolls up and down the aisles, asking you to repeat “Yo hablo español” multiple times…

In the last 10 years, there’ve been vast advances in education techniques, and in methods of learning language in particular…

For instance, did you know this hyperglot technique? (A hyperglot is somebody who knows 5 or more language effortlessly, as opposed to the more general known term, polyglot is someone who knows 3 to 5 languages)

“Shadowing” is a hyperglot technique devised by hyperglot Alexander Arguelles. The simple method is this:

  • download an audio book in the language you are learning
  • put your earphones on and try to repeat the dialogue verbatim and simultaneously

Basically, you play a native-speaker discussion through your earphones and as you hear it, even if you do not understand a word of it, repeat the sounds at the same time.

It’s learning a language in a way that is similar to how you learnt your first language – repeating sounds just as you hear them. It is a great way to master your accent, colloquial speech and intonation.

Rocket Spanish speaking system has 25 Progressive Learning Technique that will give you studying methods like this. Discover more tricks and tips that will intensely cut the amount of time you require to study.

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