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Who We Are?

We are a few blog writers who are writing about learning the Spanish language. We want to help people to learn Spanish fast and to improve their listening and speaking skills. However we don’t focus on classical teaching methods, instead very useful materials and methods to learn Spanish fast and efficiently.

What’s the Learning Speaking Spanish story?

LearnSpeakingSpanish.com has been found by a few good friends who have been struggling to learn Spanish the old way. But we found great resources to improve our Spanish skills and achieve our language learning goals. So we wanted to share our experiences and courses which boost our Spanish level with everyone to help them to get the same great results we had gotten.

Rocket Spanish Learning Course

The first course we want to recommend to you is the Rocket Spanish course. Rocket Languages was formed in early 2004 by two friends, Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling. Jason, a dedicated Francophile, and Mark, who was studying Spanish at university.

They both agreed there should be a more effective way to learn a language than the traditional methods, and embarked on a mission to create a learn-Spanish system that helps you:

  • Speak Spanish right from the first lesson
  • Understand Spanish when it’s spoken to you
  • Reduce your study time as much as possible

After 12 months of research, with help from their Chilean friend Mauricio Evlampieff, and Spanish language expert Amy Waterman, the original Rocket Spanish Premium course was created.

Rocket Spanish Premium was an instant online hit, with customers sending in rave reviews about just how much better Rocket Spanish was than anything else on the market.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Rocket Languages is a recognized leader in online language learning, having further developed and refined the products to keep pace with customer, e-learning, and technological advances.

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Unlimited Spanish Course

Our second recommendation is the Unlimited Spanish course. Oscar the teacher of the Unlimited Spanish course helps people to speak Spanish fast. He emphasizes the word “speak” because he believes that you don’t really know a language until you are able to speak it, and if you speak Spanish, By learning Spanish,  you can communicate with other people from many countries!

Some time ago he decided to learn his first foreign language: English. At first, he followed the (wrong) traditional methods …and it ended up being a complete disaster!

He very often got stuck in the middle of basic sentences, made silly mistakes, and did not understand the other person.

However, he changed the approach, and everything started to improve, learning a foreign language quickly, effortlessly, and effectively. In less than six months he could speak quite fluently almost without translating in his mind. He learned this important lesson:

It was not him. It was the method he was using.

Why Unlimited Spanish?

Almost everywhere you look, there are economic interests, even in the language-learning industry, of course. A lot of people try learning Spanish by spending a lot of money, effort, and time (normally years).

We know people who have spent thousands of dollars trying to learn Spanish. This situation may be very good for the language-learning industry, but not for students.

Thanks to having learned English, Oscar became a Spanish tutor, acquiring ample experience with many students.

This experience, together with research on the best existing methods (input approach, TPRS, etc.) have made it really clear to me how a student can best learn Spanish.

There is no magic formula, but solid, proven strategies that allow for faster results. He has also been a student and I know how it feels when you don’t meet your goals.

Therefore he has created Unlimited Spanish, in order to help students just like you, to learn to speak Spanish efficiently, and of course, while having fun. He strongly believes that he can offer you the best system to learn Spanish.

Please feel free to sign up for the Unlimited Spanish newsletter and the free ‘5 Pillars for Learning Spanish’ mini-course. You will also get free lessons from the program. Good luck with your learning Spanish.

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