In this post, you will find  out how to speak Spanish automatically. Unlimited Spanish has 5 rules in all for learning Spanish. The rule number 3 is to learn Spanish by repetition which you do by taking along your player on daily basis everywhere you go and listen it.

In order to learn how to speak Spanish automatically, you can make use of the question and answer technique. When you say speak automatically, this means that you don’t translate in your mind while you are listening or speaking. Spanish becomes alive then and this is the ultimate goal too. Even fluency doesn’t mean speaking without mistakes or without correction. It is normal to make mistakes so make sure you learn to speak fluently without mistakes.

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This can be done as you speak better and listen to a lot of comprehensible content. Your comprehension skills improve this way. You also get used to how it is naturally being spoken and you also do not translate it in your mind automatically too. Now, this is something quite powerful to achieve.

This listening of comprehensive content daily is called the input approach. It has been proven to be very successful too. It has been noticed to improve learning other languages like English too. However, for this technique to work it is important to take care of the material that you choose too. This way the brain learns the language too.

Listen & Answer Mini Stories

how to speak Spanish fluentlyThe other thing important for this technique to work is the quality of the audio and the transcripts availability. The question and answer technique also works awesomely when performed in the right way. It has many questions and answers that have a meaningful story throughout the lesson in them. Naturally, it provides rich content while question and answers help to practice many Spanish aspects too.

It works like this. A person says something about the story in Spanish and then asks questions in Spanish about that sentence. After each question there is pause for the person to answer them in Spanish too. Then the correct answer in Spanish is given to the person and the whole process is repeated for each question. As the story proceeds, there is more information, related questions, choices, and answers.

Since the questions are very easy, so after sometime you will be able to answer them automatically and without any effort at all. This technique has a lot of advantages. These include:

  • It is like a simulation of any conversation while you are practicing conversational skills too
  • Your speaking is automated as it makes you answer all the questions quickly over and over while they are easy
  • Since it is a recorded practice you can practice the answers alone without any anxiety and as many repetitions as you need.

Hence, the rule number 4 is to listen to a lot of comprehensive content daily while all the aspects of quality etc are kept in mind alongside and make use of the question and answer technique in the best way you can so that you can be the one automatically speaking Spanish without thinking, quickly too.

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