Learning a foreign language is certainly something exciting and challenging. There are some languages that are considered as difficult ones in the world. One of them is Spanish. The hardest part in learning the language is when they have to speak. Speaking is indeed one of language skills which are important and quite difficult. Although this thing is not easy to be learned, many people still really want to try to master it.  Indeed there will be many difficulties that foreigners may face in learning Spanish. However, there are some tips that can we apply in order to speak Spanish fluently.

Be brave to speak Spanish

If you really want to be able to speak Spanish fluently, you have to speak! Speaking is a part of language that can connect other people with you. You can’t communicate and convey your messages if you do not know what to say or how to say the language. Thus, the only thing you should do is be brave! This can be a really good way to help you. Many people pay too much attention to grammar and are afraid to make mistakes. Actually this is the biggest problem here. When you can be fluent in speaking a language, then the other skills like writing, reading, or listening will also be improved, so do not worry about it.

Find your motivation

speak SpanishEveryone usually has their own motivation in learning certain language. It is important because, motivation can be a good reason for people to struggle in order to reach their aim in learning the language. People with motivation often can learn language faster than those who do not have motivation or at least good reasons in learning a language. Motivation can help someone push themselves to their limit in practicing and learning.

Make list of phrases and words.

When you learn to speak Spanish from book, you may find a fantastic number of words and phrases there. With that number, usually only about 40% of them will be used frequently in daily conversation. If you try to remember all of them, you may be confused. Thus, it is better if you make a list of words and phrases that are used in conversation all the time. You can make it in a book, so that you will have a tidy and simple note. The list can be started with some commons expression about general things, for example your life, your family, your hobbies, jobs, hometown, etc. by doing this, you can speak Spanish faster and easily.

Practice your Spanish skills with Native

When you want to be fluent in speaking a certain language, you also should speak spanish with its native speaker! There are many things in this modern era that can help you find ones. You can browse some websites through the internet and find native speakers there. You can talk to them by using video call. You may start with the basic conversation and then move to other topics so that your speaking Spanish skill can be increased.

Speaking Spanish From the Internet

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