Spanish lessons can be a fun and challenging way to learn the language. They can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. If you’re looking for a way to improve your Spanish skills, a Spanish lesson may be the right choice for you! In this lesson, you will learn how to introduce your family members in Spanish with the best online Spanish learning program.

Introducing Your Family Members in Spanish

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In this lesson, we’re going to have a look at how to introduce your family members in Spanish. Let’s start with some vocabulary. So I want you to repeat after me.

papa is father

mama is mother

it also means mom and dad papa mama.

So remember in Spanish it’s very important to know that we don’t pronounce the h in Spanish.

The “h” is silent in Spanish. So as you can see there is not going to be ermano or ermana.

You can pretend that the “h” is not there. so we’re going to say hermano, hermana.

Okay, let’s say let’s see how we say husband in Spanish. We say “esposo”.

And wife is “esposa”.

What about son? We are going to say “hijo”. And daughter is “hija”.

Now let’s put this in context and let’s have a look at this vocabulary in a conversation. Let’s say, for example, two co-workers are looking at each other’s phones.

One person can say “Qeen es el?” who is he?

Es mi esposo”: it’s my husband or he’s my husband

let’s have a look at some other examples that you can use when for example you’re in a conversation with Spanish speakers. And they show a photo of their family members on their phone or in a photo. Or if you want to say well this is my mom, or she’s my mom, my mother.

You can say “es mi mama”. so she’s my mother or it’s my mother.

Es mi hijo: he’s my son or it’s my son

Remember the structure that we’re going to have to introduce a family member in Spanish is going to be “Es” + “mi” + “the family member

So something to pay attention to in Spanish is that in English we say he is or she is it is etc. In Spanish we’re just simply going to say “Es” and es could it’s basically the verb conjugated for the third person singular.

So for he she and it as well so in Spanish we don’t mention the pronoun. As we do in English to say he is or she is in Spanish we simply say “es”.

family members in SpanishSo I don’t know if you know a lot of Spanish speakers. So if you have any Spanish friends but we make this mistake in English all the time I even have to think about it sometimes. But we tend to say he is for everything right like even for animals and things. Because we’re so used to just saying “es” in Spanish.

what you have to get used to is just dropping he and she and just simply saying “Es”. so if you want to introduce a family member to someone else you can say “es mi mama” “es mi hijo”, “es mi esposo”, “es mi hermana”

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That is all for today’s lesson. I really hope that now you know how to introduce your family members in Spanish. thank you so much for watching today’s class and I will see you, next class. want to speed up your language learning take your very first lesson with us you’ll start speaking in minutes. and master real conversations sign up for your free lifetime account just click here.



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