Since English is commonly perceived as ‘universal language’ which means that most people in the world use it, then you need to learn this language if you are not an English native speaker. However, mastering only one language is not enough if you want catch up in this era of globalization. You have to learn second language in order to make yourself different from others and thus rise up your bargaining position in the society. If you are considering learning second language, Spanish will be a perfect option for you. But why should you bother learning Dora the Explorer’s language? Here are five top reasons to study Spanish in your lifetime.

Study Spanish daily to speak it fluently

First reason to study Spanish is quite intriguing; Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world. A language census found that Spanish is used at least by 350 million people around the world. If you thought the second place should be Chinese, it is not necessarily true. Unlike Chinese, Spanish gets the place not only because it has most native speakers but also because Spanish is the most popular language to learn and use after English. At least there are 21 countries which use Spanish as their main language such as Spain, Mexico, Argentine, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and many others. So if you can speak Spanish, it means that you can communicate to approximately one-third of the world population. Another interesting fact, Spanish is the second most-used language in the United States after English.

study spanishSecond reason to study Spanish, Spanish is easy to learn. Many language experts say that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for newbie. It becomes even easier if you have mastered English because a lot of its vocabularies are sounded and written like English. In English, the words and the pronunciations are often spelled differently, which makes the language difficult for non-native speaker. In Spanish, you will not find this difficulty because most of the words are pronounced exactly like how they are written. As for the grammar, you can learn it by doing practices.

Third reason to study Spanish is simple; Spanish is fun. Learning new language might be difficult at first, but the process is unavoidably fun. Spanish will surely give you different experience and knowledge about different culture.

Fourth reason to study Spanish, Spanish will be really useful for traveling purposes. As mentioned before, 21 countries in the world use Spanish. So if someday you want to visit some of them, you do not have to worry about the language. Now you can communicate with locals who cannot speak English because you have already learnt Spanish. Moreover, traveling to Latin American and Spain is much cheaper than to other countries.

Fifth reason to study Spanish, Spanish will bring an advantage if you want to pursue international career. Understanding more than one language will be a great plus for your job application’s curriculum vitae. Besides English, learning Spanish surely is advantageous if you want to work abroad or in embassy.

How to learn Spanish Online

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