The Unlimited Spanish system has great rules. If you learn and follow them, you can improve quickly. In this post, we are going to learn the rule (pillar) 5 to become and stay motivated while learning Spanish. Now please watch the below video and Oscar Pellus is talking about the motivation you need.

Unlimited Spanish Pillar 5 Video

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Learning a new language is never easy and nothing in the world can ever be accomplished if you don’t have the right motivational approach for it. When it comes to learning Spanish, it can be quite difficult because Spanish is written in a different way and spoken in a very different way.

To become and stay motivated is the 5th pillar of learning Spanish. The last pillar for learning Spanish readily is ruled no 4. For this, you have to learn a lot of comprehensive content by making use of the question and answer technique. You are also congratulated for you have reached this stage of learning Spanish as it is an achievement for this language too.

learning Spanish motivationThe 1st step for learning any language is understanding which tools as well as strategies and techniques one can use to succeed and take control of your learning process. Something which is extremely important is how to become and stay motivated and learn the golden motivation rule too. Let us also seek some motivational story too.

This is a normal guy named John who has taken only some very basic Spanish classes at high school. He also has some friends who speak Spanish and know how important the language is and how it will help him in the future too. Besides, he had always wanted to learn it too. Thus, he decides to learn Spanish on the 1st of January and buys a course for learning it himself by creating a detailed study schedule for it.

He is also very excited about the idea that he would soon learn to speak it thus his motivation is quite high too. He starts studying for one hour each day and remains happy with his performance too. As the week passed, his momentum also dropped until in the third week he starts studying the course on and off and then even quit later. Moreover, he also thinks that he doesn’t have time to do so, so he will start again in summer when he has time when it will also be different.

Learning Spanish Motivation

This might sound quite familiar as it happens all the time with diets, exercises, and even with learning Spanish too. Everyone starts with a lot of energy and motivation as well as expectations and almost everyone loses momentum due to some reason and quits because of it.

An easy way to avoid this is to find a peer group. Here you will have similar goals and interests and these will help you to attain them easily too. When losing weight, the experiences felt alongside when discussed help other people to be inspired to try harder. Even when you are learning Spanish, a positively motivated group will help you to dramatically learn more as people want to learn just like you and your success chances are increased. Thus, you can see you’re on the right track.

For Spanish, La Cafetaria is such a group for questions and helps, etc. Hence rule 5 is to find a peer group or community for your goal to learn Spanish to have the best success of it all.

Use Unlimited Spanish Course To Learn Fast

There are 3 modules of the Unlimited Spanish program. The first module is the 30-Day Crash Course. This course is aimed at those who do not know any Spanish! You can start from scratch since you will have in two columns the text in Spanish and the English translation. The program lasts 30 days, and step by step, I will help you build the foundation necessary to be able to speak Spanish.

The second module is the Original course. This course can make you fluent in this particular language. As mentioned above learning never stops even if you are an adult. This is a course specially made to make people learn professional Spanish so that they are able to compete on the international level as well.

The third and last module offered by Oscar is the El Curso Mágico. This is a level 3 module which means you are bound to pass a level 2 Spanish language course in order to be a part of this course. This is a course that is going to make you speak Spanish just like the native does. This course is specially designed for those who are so passionate about the language that they want to learn Spanish speaking just like the Spanish people.

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There is also another powerful course called “Rocket Spanish Premium“. This is especially useful for people who want to learn Spanish online. Rocket Spanish has lots of awards and you can view more information about it by clicking the below link.

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