SpanishVIP believes that studying abroad need not be isolating or dull, and offers lessons packed with games and activities where you can practice speaking Spanish with others.     

You can work with peers at your level and take as many lessons as you like, 24 hours a day, in a group setting that is facilitated by knowledgeable tutors (Mon-Fri). With low-cost monthly language training that is incredibly successful, they can get you speaking Spanish in as little as 30 days.

It is amazing how instructors and students make difficult or stressful studying enjoyable while offering a useful and enjoyable way to practice Spanish. The instructors of their group sessions are skilled at going at your pace and making sure each student feels supported.

By ensuring that you only enroll in lessons that interest you and advance your objectives, SpanishVIP hopes to make you forget about the rigid structure of traditional schooling. Other advantages of the training include interesting activities that sufficiently test you and unique homework.

What Sets SpanishVip Apart?

spanishvip-group-classEach membership includes a complimentary certificate that verifies your level of Spanish. You will only be given a certificate that you can utilize to improve your professional career once you successfully complete our level examination.

You will immediately have access to SpanishVIP‘s top learning resources once you begin working with them. It will always be with you and is totally free. This includes classes, reading material, and more. The online training resources, tests, and other features of SpanishVIP Academy are also included with all active subscriptions.

Their belief that having a truly immersive experience is one of the best ways to learn a language allows them to make it available to students all over the world via distance learning.

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One of the thousands of students who have been assisted in mastering the Spanish language around the world says they have been working with SpanishVIP for 4 months and have had a fantastic experience.

The student, who previously stated that he lacked confidence in speaking Spanish with others, stated that he could easily fit the lessons into his busy schedule, that the program was flexible, that the teachers were excellent, and that he could learn with students from all over the world through group lessons.

With the group lessons program, you can take as many lessons as you want without incurring any additional fees. In addition, for quality reasons, their classes are limited to 10 students. Many of their students are beginners, and they have classes for students of all levels.

Spanish Group Classes Online

Their current schedule is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Monday through Friday. Lessons are 50 minutes long and begin every hour. Weekend and early morning classes will begin in the near future. To find out what classes are available, go to the website.

You will receive a login for when you sign up for SpanishVIP. All of the lessons are organized here by time, level, and subject. Take any class that is appropriate for your skill level and interests. You can schedule a free 15-minute introductory call with a member of the Student Success team after signing up for 1:1 guidance.

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Group classes are ideal for teenagers and adults of all skill levels. They work with students from all over the world, ranging from beginners to advanced, with a variety of goals and interests. They only require that all students be at least 13 years old.

SpanishVIP also offers private group classes to families, friends, businesses, and others. They can arrange for you to take classes in groups of 2 to 10 with your own customized curriculum.

All the Information You Require

  • They hold virtual classroom sessions with their students. This is sometimes done in Zoom, but it is customized for educators, with a whiteboard and breakout rooms. You only need a computer and a good headset.
  • Their company operates in Latin America on the principles of fair and equitable employment, enabling meaningful careers in areas with lower levels of economic opportunity. As a result, they manage a remote team that is primarily based in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. However, a fast internet connection and high-quality technology are required. Connectivity is not an issue here as it may be elsewhere.

SpanishVip Teachers

Many of their teachers have master’s degrees and have taught in high school or university settings! Having said that, they hire for raw talent and ability. Degrees are not required as part of our ongoing effort to provide job opportunities in underserved communities. In fact, some of the teachers who do not have degrees have the highest ratings of all. All SpanishVlP personnel participate in their rigorous training and professional development programs on their own.

SpanishVIP-Spanish Teachers

They are able to lower our costs and pass these savings on to our students because they manage their team remotely. Hiring their teachers in Colombia, a country with a lower cost of living than the United States, allows them to provide you with talented teachers for a fraction of the cost of a private school or university program. Their goal is to make education available to everyone.

What about SpanishVip Pricing And Payment?

You can sign up with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal using their SSL-secured payment gateway. Every subscription includes a 7-day free trial period in which you can try as many classes as you want. Cancel at any time during this time frame.


If you want to learn more about their options for combining private and group classes, sign up for a free class and send them an e-mail. You can try out their private classes while also getting answers to any questions you may have.

All subscriptions include a seven-day trial period. If you decide SpanishVlP isn’t for you, you can get a refund at any time during the first 7 days. Attend as many group classes as you want. Just keep studying if you decide our classes are exactly what you’re looking for. If you prefer to cancel after 7 days, simply send an email to SpanishVip, and they will cancel and refund your first subscription. Once you activate your subscription, you will be billed on a recurring basis until you cancel.

Private Tutoring To Learn Spanish 

We all understand the importance of competent tuition as language learners. No matter how many hours you spend studying, nothing beats chatting to native speakers who can provide quick feedback.

Private tutoring to learn SpanishThis program allows you to enjoy your learning experience in a pleasant and peaceful environment. While other tutoring programs attempt to make language study into a competitive sport, SpanishVIP is all about assisting students in becoming fully comfortable speaking Spanish.

I would suggest this curriculum to all levels of Spanish learners. The lecturers are entertaining and informative, and the approach is simple and engaging. Some may find the lack of an organized lesson plan to be a disadvantage, but I believe there is something here for everyone.

The best part is that your first class is free, so why not give it a shot? This might be just what you need to realize in your ambition of being multilingual. Have fun with it, whether you select this application or one of the alternatives. Language learning might be challenging, but it is well worth the effort.

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Why Do Spaniards Speak Fast?

Have you ever wondered why Spaniards talk so quickly? There has been a lot of research done on the subject, but researchers from the University of Lyon have found the results that best explain the situation. They have scientifically proven that Spanish-speaking speed is not a fabrication of people who are just learning the language.

They had 59 people read 20 texts in seven different languages and measured how many syllables they read per second. According to their findings, Spaniards read 26% more syllables per second than English speakers.

There is, however, another reason for this. In Spanish, each syllable contains less information than in English. In other words, Spaniards use more words and speak faster, but they convey less information.

Some Suggestions for Speaking Spanish

  • Listen to Spanish songs, watch YouTube videos, or practice podcasts to become accustomed to breaking sentences down into meaningful chunks.
  • Begin reading more quickly and aloud. Imitate the manner in which Spanish speakers speak. With enough practice, you can approach their speaking rate and become accustomed to the sounds of this language.
  • Prepare yourself to listen to a text more than four times. This old-school exercise entails repeatedly listening to a two-minute speech, breaking it down into small chunks, and writing down each word you hear one by one. This allows you to become acquainted with all of the language’s units.
  • Don’t try to remember every word; instead, focus on the main idea. A different type of exercise is detailed listening. You will learn Spanish while also dispelling the absurd notion that you will not understand the entire speech unless you hear all of the words.
  • Find a native Spanish speaker and converse with them. Alternatively, join clubs for Spanish-speaking practice to motivate you to put in more effort.

Why Should I Learn Spanish?

One of the things that interest you the most right now is learning a new language. But why should you begin studying Spanish? The main reason you should learn Spanish is that it is one of the world’s most spoken languages.

In fact, Spanish is the world’s second most spoken English language, trailing only Mandarin Chinese. Learning Spanish allows you to communicate in the native language of many people, making your communication skills easier. Perhaps this, along with the fact that Spanish is recognized as an official language in over 20 countries, has influenced an increasing number of people to learn Spanish.

Furthermore, Spanish is one of the most studied languages, making it one of the most spoken languages on the planet. In fact, it is spoken by 7.8% of the world’s population, both natives and non-natives. It is also a widely spoken language, making it one of the most widely used languages in the world. Spanish is not only the official language of major international organizations; it is also one of the most commonly used languages in business, commerce, and tourism.

Is Spanish Difficult to Learn?

Many factors influence the ease and difficulty of learning a foreign language. What method are you attempting to master? How eager are you? How much time and effort do you devote to your work? How enthusiastic are you about learning Spanish? Motivation is essential.

You must be extremely motivated to learn this language. All of my experiences show that learning a new language is only possible if you love it. If you enjoy and are interested in Spanish, learning will be easier and more enjoyable.

Whatever language you are learning, it is critical to select the appropriate method during the learning phase. There are numerous learning methods available, such as attending a course, learning online, or working with a tutor. Your learning process will be accelerated if you decide and begin with which of these methods is best for you.

Trying to learn with a method that isn’t right for you is a waste of time. You should consider your own characteristics when deciding on the best learning method. For example, if you prefer to learn on your own, online Spanish education is the way to go.

How to Memorize Spanish Words

Memorizing words is one of the most common issues that students face when learning Spanish. Even if your grammar is excellent, this does not imply that you can communicate in Spanish. With a few simple techniques, you can expand your vocabulary and improve your Spanish.

  • Read a Lot

Reading, whether in Spanish or another language, is the most effective way to increase your vocabulary. If you are having trouble remembering Spanish words, we recommend that you read whatever newspaper, book, or magazine you can find. Because you memorize what you already know while reading and look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary, you come across new words without even realizing it.

To increase your Spanish word count, make sure the books you read are not heavy literary novels in the first place. Newspapers, magazines, and comic books are among the most useful at this point. Reading the comic books of your favorite heroes, such as Superman and Batman, will allow you to have fun while also learning new words thanks to their simple and effective dialogue.

  • Choose Words

When memorizing Spanish words, begin by selecting those that will be most interesting and useful to you. We can sometimes fill our memory with unnecessary words at the beginner or advanced level of learning a new language. Throughout our education, most Spanish grammar books contain only daily, dating, and holiday conversations.

As a result, you can broaden your vocabulary by reading books on the subjects you want to study and conducting as much research as possible on the internet.

  • Use What You’ve Learned

The simplest way to remember Spanish words, whether by writing or speaking, is to put what you’ve learned to use. You can practice by attempting to use a memorized word in sentences at regular intervals throughout the day, and you can repeat it with the study plan you will create for yourself.

In this regard, the best method is to write down the sentences or words you have memorized. Remember that using the words you learn in the future is the best way to remember them.

  • Take Notes

Filling your workspace, room, computer, or desk with post-it notes is the most effective way to improve your Spanish vocabulary memory. Thanks to these sticky notes, you will come across the notes of the words you want to memorize in the time you spend at home during the day as you get into the habit of learning new words.

The words on the sticky notes that catch your eye when you go to the kitchen to get coffee, on the cupboard, in the mirror you look at before leaving, and when you sit down to watch TV will contribute to your Spanish vocabulary memorization without you even realizing it.

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