Spanish is a long-standing and beautiful language which is rooted in old history. As the second most spoken language, Spanish is used by more than 500 million of people over the world. Many people claim that for English native speaker, Spanish is the second easiest language for them to learn due to the same Latin roots. Learning new language requires not only time and energy but also money, but once you master Spanish, you will find that all the obstacles are worth it. In this article, we provide four steps you can try in how to learn Spanish fast.  Using these ideas, you are guaranteed to master Spanish in short time.

How To Learn Spanish Fast

The first step how to learn Spanish fast is to master all basic components of Spanish. As a starting point, you have to study alphabets in Spanish. Although the usage of Spanish’ alphabets are quite the same as English, you still have to learn how to pronounce them because the alphabets are quite difficult to say, especially if you do not have experience in learning Spanish before. Once you are able to pronounce all the alphabets individually, you will be able to pronounce the words and phrases more easily. For example, in Spanish, A is pronounced as ‘ah’, B as ‘beh’, C as ‘she’, D as ‘deh’, E as ‘eh’, etc. There is an additional alphabet Ñ which is pronounced as ‘eh-nyeh’. After that, you need to learn how the alphabets sound like in Spanish. For example, letter ‘h’ in word ‘hombre’ is not sound, so it is pronounced as ‘ohmbreh’. Another example, ‘que’ or ‘qui’ are pronounced as ‘keh’ or ‘kee’.  There are still many other rules you should learn by practicing speaking Spanish.

how to learn spanish fastWhen you have already known all the alphabets in how to learn Spanish fast, the pronunciation, and the rules, now you can learn how to count in Spanish. Learning how to count is a must-have skill in every language. Counting in Spanish is not complicated since the numbers are much alike as those in English. For example, 1 is uno, 2 is dos, 3 is tres, 4 is cuatro, etc. However, note that ‘uno’ will change when it is attached to masculine or feminine nouns. For example, ‘a boy’ is translated into ‘un hombre’, while ‘a girl’ is ‘una chica’.

The third step in how to learn Spanish fast is memorizing simple vocabularies. The wider vocab you can memorize, the easier you can speak Spanish fluently. Tell yourself to memorize as many words as possible per day and you will see faster progress.

Next, you can start how to learn Spanish fast by learning some simple phrases or sentences commonly used in daily conversation. By studying the basic conversation in Spanish, you will be able to interact and communicate with native speaker easier. Some most commons words used are ‘hola!’ (helo), ‘sí’ (yes), ‘no’ (no), ‘gracias’ (thank you), and ‘por favor’ (please). As for phrases, you can learn saying ‘Cómo se llama usted?’ (What is your name?)’, ‘me ilamo…’ (my name is…), ‘Mucho gusto’ (nice to meet you), ‘Hasta luego’ (see you), or ‘Adiós!’ (good bye).

How to learn Spanish online

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