Imagine being able to speak Spanish out loud with confidence, and without the fear of embarrassment or freezing… Now, with the Rocket Languages 4 day Labor Day Sale, you don’t have to imagine it!

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What’s the catch?

The catch is that you must act now. This deal will automatically expire at midnight on Labor Day (Monday September 3rd PST), or when 1,000 courses have been sold. It’s that simple.

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Besides the price, here are 8 great reasons to start learning Spanish with Rocket Spanish today…

1. You’ll learn to speak conversational, real-world Spanish with our Interactive Audio Lessons

You will get to speak and improve your Spanish with every lesson, by taking part in modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Spanish Interactive Audio Course.

Together we’ll cover a variety of fun, interesting, and super-practical topics that will give you Spanish for the real world!

2. You’ll learn to speak Spanish out loud and with a great accent

Rocket Record, our voice comparison tool, lets you practice pronouncing thousands of Spanish words and phrases in the comfort of your own home. Get real-time feedback and ratings on how good your pronunciation is.

3. You’ll understand exactly how Spanish works with our Language Lessons

Surprisingly, a lot of competitors overlook the fact that you need to understand the mechanics behind Spanish to fully grasp how Spanish works.

Our comprehensive Spanish Language Lessons include step-by-step explanations, hundreds of audio examples, and extra vocabulary.

4. Avoid a cultural faux pas with our Spanish Culture lessons

As part of our Language lessons we also have Culture lessons, so not only can you say the words, you’ll also be able to understand just what makes Spanish speaking people tick!

Whether you’re out on the town, visiting friends and family, or hitting the markets, these lessons will give you insights into all the important little nuances that make the wonderful Spanish culture what it is!

5. See how much your Spanish has improved

How do you know if your Spanish is improving? You have to test yourself.

For a lot of folks this part can be tricky if you don’t have any native Spanish speakers around to correct you when you get something wrong, so I’ve made sure Rocket Spanish 2008 edition has lots of tests along the way. This way you’ll know when you’ve “got it” and when you have a little more work to do. And, when you are ready, you can take a test and get Rocket Certified!

6. Have your own Spanish teacher, virtually “On Call” 24/7!

You will have all your Spanish language questions answered by the Rocket Spanish teachers, native speakers and fellow Spanish learners in the Rocket Spanish Forum – open 24/7. I’ll be on hand to give you all the support and advice you need every step of the way!

7. You can use Rocket Spanish across all of your devices

You can login to your Rocket Spanish account from your desktop Mac or PC, or any smart-device with our iOS or Android apps. All of your progress automatically syncs automatically across your devices.

8. You get 24/7 lifetime online access, free automatic updates for life, and the risk is all on me

With your once-only payment you get instant lifetime access along with free updates for life. Who else offers that?

Also, Rocket Languages has a no-questions-asked 60 day guarantee to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Plus a special bonus for you…

  • With every level ordered, you get a FREE Rocket Spanish Survival Kit. Worth $49.95, each of these multi-lesson vocab kits are full of essential words and phrases for your next overseas travel experience.


So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve always wanted to add speaking Spanish to your list of skills, there’s never been a better time than now. However remember, this sale finishes at midnight on Monday September 3rd (PST) or when 1,000 courses are sold, whichever happens first.

Remember to use code LABOR at checkout; Click here to get started

Best of luck with your Spanish learning.


Mauricio Evlampieff
Your Rocket Spanish Host.

P.S. Here’s what some Rocket Spanish members have to say:

Solid program that keeps you on track to learning a new language, or improving on one you already are familiar with. Easy, daily bites of the language are essential. I especially the like “competitive” nature of the POINTS system, where you can monitor progress against others. Chris Campbell – United States

Rocket Spanish is very good, easy to learn and there are a lot of practices to help me understand the whole lesson. I try to find a good online Spanish course for a few months, and I am very happy to choose rocket Spanish. I bought the Level 1 – Level 3 and hope I can keep learning Spanish every day. Christine Hsieh – Taiwan

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P.P.S. Got friends and family who want to learn another language? These great discounts apply to all Rocket Languages courses. They can access these discounts by going to our home page before the sale finishes!

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