Leaning languages can indeed be fun and fulfilling. With this in mind, we’d like to show you how to learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish 2018 Edition.

We take you through a virtual tour of the Members area and explain the lessons and features included in this comprehensive course.

Key Steps Involved in Using Rocket Spanish

Below are the vital procedures you should follow before you learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish:

  1. Log in
  2. Select your preferred language (Spanish) in the list of Rocket Language courses
  3. Use your dashboard to select lessons and view progress
  4. At the end of the lesson, start your Rocket certification
  5. Expect a Certificate of Achievement if you pass the Rocket Certification.

Components of the Rocket Spanish Course

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Now, the Rocket Spanish course comprises two main lesson structures. They are:

  • Interactive Audio Lessons
  • Language and Cultural Lessons

We’ll explain what each entails.

Interactive Audio Lessons

The Interactive Audio lessons have been designed to teach you conversational Spanish.

It’s not enough to memorize a specific number of vocabularies. Instead, consider learning how to speak full sentences.

How does it work?

  • Each lesson begins with a conversation split into short phrases.
  • You can download the audio tracks or listen to them online.
  • You’ll also find a written copy of the conversations and added vocabulary to help you learn Spanish productively.

Rocket Record

This voice recognition software allows you listen to one conversation at a time. You can then repeat the phrase and record yourself.

In addition, the tool processes your recording and rates your pronunciation. If you’d like the full voice recognition, please install the Free Rocket Languages App.

You can also use Chrome on a desktop computer or take this course using other browsers.


You can adjust the difficulty settings whenever you please.

Rocket Reinforcement Activities

Each lesson ends with the Rocket Reinforcement activities which improve how you speak Spanish and your recall of lessons learned.

They include:

  1. Hear It, Say It

This tests your spoken language abilities. Listen to the audio, repeat the phrase, and record yourself (not compulsory). Get the transaction when you click on “reveal.”

  1. Write It

This improves your written language skills. You’ll be required to listen to some audio and type what you hear. A special keyboard is available and you can click “reveal” to know your rating.

  1. Know It

This reinforces your translation skills by requiring you to translate the English version of a phrase.

  1. Quiz

This entails comprehension practice where you select a correct answer, submit, and view your score.

  1. Flashcards

These also reinforce your Spanish vocabulary effortlessly. You only have to toggle the audio for Spanish and English in the “Settings.”

  1. Play It

In this part, you act as one of the characters in a conversation. Next, you’ll record a part of the transcript and await your rating.

What’s more?

Feel free to select your preferred difficulty level as you learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish.

At the end of each Reinforcement Activity, the icons at the top of the page will change color to indicate your performance.

Language and Culture Lessons

Rocket_Spanish_2018_online_courseIn this part of the course, you deal with the mechanics of Spanish. When you learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish, you’ll gain useful cultural insights.

Several Rocket record audio tracks here reinforce your understanding of Spanish. Plus, you’ll find Reinforcement Activities at the end of the lessons.

Take the Rocket certification when you complete every lesson within a module.

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Other Features on Rocket Spanish

  • My Tools – Find helpful features
  • My Progress – Monitor your performance
  • My Forum – Ask questions
  • My Notes – Make and save notes
  • My Vocab – Search for and save Rocket Spanish phrases
  • My Advanced Learning – Find helpful, tested tips and tricks
  • Help – Read through frequently asked questions when you need help

To learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish, contact the team of Rocket Spanish 2018 using the contact form or speak with one of our customer service representatives. Begin your Spanish learning journey today!

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